Welcome to CagedInsider’s liveblog coverage of Invicta FC 19, an event headlined by a title fight between Roxanne Modafferi and Jennifer Maia.

Opening up the card are strawweights Sunna Davidsdottir and Ashley Greenway. Davidsdottir is a Muay Thai specialist from Iceland, whereas Greenway is a grappling specialist fighting out of South Carolina.

Greenway starts off firing off kicks to the body, and Davidsdottir counters by tying up against the fence. The American secures the overhook and tries for a judo throw, and repeats when the Icelandic fighter clinches off to the side, but both time Davidsdottir avoids getting tossed. The make space and throw hands, and Davidsdottir gets the better of the exchanges. The round ends with the duo wrestling on the feet with neither gaining a real advantage.

Round 2 opens with Greenway losing her balance on a kick and Davidsdottir standing over her kicking at her legs. They’re soon up again, but Davidsdottir gets Greenway down and takes her back. The battle for the rear naked choke commences, with Greenway defending and the Davidsdottir peppering her with punches to create openings. Only in the last minute does Greenway finally wriggle her way out, and time expires with more wrestling against the fence.

Greenway flubs a spinning backfist almost two minutes into the third, and again Davidsdottir takes her down. They don’t stay long on the ground, though, and the tentative striking contest that ensues favors the more confident Davidsdottir, whose boxing is enough to keep Greenway on unsure footing. The waning seconds of the bout have Davidsdottir on top and Greenway covering up.


Results: Sunna Davidsdottir def. Ashley Greenway via Unanimous Decision