Strawweight Tiffany Van Soest is an accomplished Muay Thai champ who was smoking ladies in GLORY – so you just know she’s an ace in the stand-up department. But Muay Thai is not MMA, so the question mark here is if her skills will transfer over to the cage and enable her to squash Kal Holliday.

Holliday wastes zero time rushing in and getting the takedown (seriously, it takes literally about two seconds). Van Soest works her way back up, but Holliday is constantly feeding her leather, and she remains stuck on the kickboxer like glue. The takedown soon comes again, nearly wrestles her to death, and after a quick suplex, Holliday takes her back and goes to work on the choke. Miraculously, Van Soest escapes and nails her with a beastly right hand that makes Holliday drop to a knee. Holliday recovers and scores another double-leg, but the round ends with Van Soest very nearly getting the armbar from the bottom.

Van Soest has got skills and heart, it seems.

Round 2 opens with Holliday trying to draw her opponent out and make her commit so she can tie her up. It comes in the form of a Van Soest spinning backfist, and when Holliday wrestles her down, she immediately takes her back and sinks the choke. The kickboxer puts up a fight, but this time Holliday’s got it, and Van Soest taps out.


Results: Kal Holliday def. Tiffany Van Soest via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:08, R2