It’s co-main event time, and atomweight champ Ayaka Hamasaki is defending her belt against challenger Jinh Yu Frey.

Hamasaki is all about the grappling, and doesn’t hesitate to tie up early and often, working judo hips that have Frey playing cautious. A minute and a half in Hamasaki gets a trip, but Frey isn’t on the ground long. When they clinch again, Frey gets behind the champ, and for a while Hamasaki threatens with a standing kimura. However, when they go to the ground Frey lands on top, and from mount and back-mount she punishes the champ with hella punches. Hamasaki survives to the bell.

Round 2 opens with Hamasaki getting a takedown and Frey kicking her away so she can get up. They spend nearly the rest of the round upright, Frey working her jab and counters and range. But then, like a bolt of lightning, Hamasaki explodes and nails Frey with an overhand right and then another. She lights up the challenger, and in an instant Frey has a bloody cut above her eye that has the referee jumping in and the referee calling it.

Hamasaki retains her belt.


Results: Ayaka Hamasaki def. Jinh Yu Frey via Doc Stoppage Due to Cut at 4:38, R2