It’s main event time, and we have Alexa Grasso – an undefeated fighter who likes to bang – taking on Jodie Esquibel. Esquibel lost a close decision trying to get into the TUF House, so she’s back in the Invicta cage to re-establish herself as a badass strawweight. The big question mark hanging over this match-up is the year and a half Grasso took off due to injury – does she still have the ability to clobber?

Both ladies come out throwing leather, but it doesn’t take long for Grasso to establish herself as the superior boxer, the left-right combos and front kicks to the body prompting Esquibel to duck down and shoot. Grasso sprawls against the cage, stuffing those attempts, and she feeds her foe the kinds of knees that seem to take chunks out of Esquibel’s soul. The bell sounds with them banging away.

For some reason Esquibel eschews going for takedowns and instead tries to box, which, given that she’s shorter and has a fraction of her opponent’s reach, means that she’s going to eat mucho leather. And she does, thanks to Grasso’s jab and combos. By the end of the second round, Esquibel’s face is bloody.

Round 3 sees more of Esquibel’s maddening attempts at trying to win a striking battle, and after two minutes Grasso cracks her square in the nose and blood gushes everywhere. The ref has the doctor check it, and when he gives his approval, the bout restarts with Esquibel charging forward, eating forearms and looking like an extra on “The Walking Dead”. Miraculously, Esquibel makes it to the final bell, but… yikes.


Result: Alexa Grasso def. Jodie Esquibel via Unanimous Decision