The version of Angela Hill who fights in Invicta FC right now is virtually unrecognizable from the version who once crapped out of TUF and faltered in the UFC.

For one, the glaring hole in her game when it came to fighting on the ground has been filled with some serious counter-grappling skills.

Then there’s her unfaltering presence in the cage, which has enabled her to step into the Invicta cage and start putting opponents away, and quickly establish herself as a top contender.

Tonight, that contender-ship was put to the test in the form of a fight against strawweight champ Liva Renata Souza. Hill didn’t disappoint.

From the outset it was clear the Brazilian was a grave threat when it came to submissions, as Souza put Hill in a deep guillotine early, and repeatedly found success putting Hill on the canvas with takedowns.

But Hill soon began stuffing those takedowns, and with the fight confined more and more to the striking realm – where Hill, a kickboxer, excels – the bout gradually became a show of the UFC vet repeatedly knocking Souza’s head back with punches while Souza winged overhand rights and fruitlessly hunted for a single- and double-legs.

Souza had her moments, with her most poignant coming at the end of the fifth in the form of a guillotine and deep armbar attempt at the bell. Ultimately, though, it wasn’t enough two of the three judges, and Hill was awarded the win and the belt.


Result: Angela Hill def. Livia Renata Souza via Split Decision