Well, at least Daria Ibragimova lasted a little longer than the others.

In the main event of Invicta FC 15 tonight, featherweight queen Cris “Cyborg” Santos took on a Russian whose best hope was finding a submission on the ground. Apparently Ibragimova was well aware of this fact, as she spent just about all of Round 1 latched firmly onto Cyborg’s leg.

Cyborg refused to let herself get taken down, though, and for the duration peppered her foe with elbows and short punchs – all while balanced on one leg.

The disengaged in the waning seconds of the round, and then BLAM! Cyborg nailed her with laser-like right hand, and Ibragimova dropped to the canvas as if she’d been shot with a gun.

Cyborg continues to reign supreme, with the official time of the knockout coming at 4:58 of Round 1.