In Russia, MMA isn’t so much a sport as it’s an umbrella term for any crazy thing that happens within the confines of a cage. Take the video below for instance. In it, two fighters square off against two other fighters – don’t worry, there are two referees in the cage – and what follows can only best be described by the words “buckwild” and “insanity”.

Bouts with multiple competitors throwing down at once have occurred in the United States in the past, although those have been more of the tag-team variety a la pro wrestling matches. But thanks to the evolution of the sport and the almost uniform oversight of athletic commissions, as well widely-televised fights instilling in the public notions of what a “real” MMA bout should look like, aberrations are infrequent.

And yet, there’s Russia… Oh Russia, you crazy bastard, you!

Watch the video and then answer this question: Would you pay to watch two UFC fighters take on two other UFC fighters at once?