We almost had another death in the sport recently. No, I’m not talking about what Ronda Rousey did to Bethe Correia. This past weekend a fighter from Seattle, W.A., was cutting weight for a bout in the minor leagues, but the cut didn’t go so well. The fighter’s name is Dex Montenegro, and here’s what his wife Amy posted to Facebook:

Just wanting to let everyone know what’s going on. Dex made weight for his title fight last night although it was a very hard cut. During his rehydration process last night he wasn’t able to come back to hisself and continued to be very weak. Late in the night he started to have sharp pains in his chest especially while breathing. We continued to hydrate him thinking it would turn around with some rest and fluids. This morning he was doubled over in pain and couldn’t sit up or walk without help. He needed to be seen by a doctor. I was very worried and took him to the ER. They gave him fluids and ran lots of tests. He has a collapsed lung and a large amount of air trapped in his heart cavity that is putting a great deal of pressure on his heart which is potentially very dangerous.

Yikes! And that’s just from trying to cut weight!

We have been here since 6:00am and we are being transferred to the thoracic surgery unit in Cherry hill Seattle at 4:00pm where he can be monitored by the thoracic surgeon more closely. They explained if anything goes wrong with his labs it could be very serious. He is getting IV antibiotics and they are doing their best to treat his pain. He will be observed over night and we are praying he will improve in the morning. Hopefully we will not have to get surgery. He is still in massive amounts of pain and it goes without saying that he is devastated over not being able to compete tonight. He worked very very hard for this fight and to have something like this get in the way is awful. This was a fight that he really was excited for, and we know his opponent trained very hard and was excited as well. We are so sorry to Dex’s opponent and his camp, to the promotion, and to all of the supporters who were planning to come out to watch Dex tonight and just want to say thank you for the prayers and well wishes. I will try to keep people updated the best that I can. God bless!

The sad thing here is that, because MMA has weight classes, there will always be fighters trying to shed pounds for a competitive advantage. That’s just a fact of life.

We’re still tackling the problem of brain trauma and long-term damage to competitors, but there will come a day when the dangers of cutting weight will be at the forefront.