TUF winner and former champ Michael Bisping was supposed to have his retirement fight soon, but despite call outs from nearly every fighter at middleweight and light-heavyweight, nothing has materialized. Which is fine, the dude has done it all and accomplished so much. If he never fights again, he’s earned that right, many times over.

But while a final Octagon opponent eludes him, one thing “The Count” knows for sure is that whatever happens, he ain’t making that cut down to 185 ever again.

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Regardless of whether you loved his brash-talking style or hated it, Bisping has always been a respectful dude at heart. So of course, when the subject comes up of him facing a Diaz brother, Bisping is cool as a cucumber.

I don’t know about you, but Bisping versus Nick Diaz would be a killer retirement fight. Agree?