The World Series of Fighting is apparently still around, and to prove it they’re having a show on August 1 (opposite UFC 190) that’s headlined by Jake Shields versus Rousimar Palharaes. In case you’ve forgotten, Shields is the Strikeforce champ who absolutely whiffed it when he transitioned to the UFC, while Palharaes is that crazy Brazilian who doesn’t know what a tap out means and is constantly wrecking dudes’ knees with leglocks.

Yeah, this is what WSOF has to offer us.

Anyway, yesterday there was a media conference call and Shields did his best to front like there was some malevolence between him and his opponent going into the fight. He also threatened to punch Palharaes, which, given that Shields was a great grappler with not so great striking… ha.

As per MMAFighting:

“I don’t remember exactly what I said, but hey, Palhares is a guy I don’t really care for,” he said. “He’s a dirty guy who likes hurting people. He doesn’t let go. He plays like he’s a nice guy after breaking someone’s leg when he doesn’t let go. He’s just a bad person, and it makes it fun to go out there and punch him.”

Hopefully, Shields isn’t trying to punch his way out of any leglock attempts, as that usually results in Palharaes ripping off a leg and apologizing for “not feeling the tap” or some crap like that.