By virtue of the hard-earned championship belt he can call his own, Tyron Woodley is the best welterweight in the world.

He also is about as exciting as a discarded car tire lying in the bushes beside a highway. Which means when he fights challenger Darren Till in the main event of UFC 228, there’s a big chance we’ll get to watch Woodley stifling the Brit’s striking game with wrestling while somehow running away, and somehow garner enough points to just barely snag the decision.

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Look, Woodley’s got skills. Of this there is no question. And on rare occasions, he’s capable of explosive victories that leave us stunned. Remember his fight against Robbie Lawler?

But more often than not, we’re watching a dude do all the things one would do if they cared only about keeping their belt and didn’t want to be exciting – which is obviously no way to win over the hearts and minds of those watching.

If ever there was a fighter made for the DVR age, and its fast-forward button so you can skip the boring parts, it’s Woodley.

He will no doubt smash Till in his own boring way, but man, unless Woodley pulls off another Robbie Lawler-esque performance, it’s going to suck.