Covering the art of men and women exchanging punches in the head can get a little downbeat.

Yesterday, we ran articles about an MMA legend in legal trouble. The day before, it was how MMA fighters don’t get paid enough (unless they’re Rampage Jackson). Of course, there are the ongoing drug testing controversies. Etc.

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So, when I came across this happy little story, courtesy of “shootfightermike” on the Underground Forum, it resonated.

Tommy Sauer was a veteran of what you might call a “blood and guts” era of North American MMA in the late 1990’s, and quietly kept on all the way through to 2012. His career highlights include stays in RINGS organization in Japan and the Netherlands in the early 2000’s, but his greatest victory came as the headliner against Enson Inoue for Superbrawl 35 in Hawaii. That night, he won a TKO victory against the PRIDE legend.

Sauer finally left the sport behind, after 37 MMA bouts, to work in construction in his native Ocala, Florida.

Best of all, Tommy Sauer won over a little guy’s heart last week, as reported by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office:

┬áLast week, Deputy Paul Bloom responded to a call where a five-year-old boy named Aiden rode his bicycle to a local grocery store with his mom. When they came out of the store, Aiden realized that someone had stolen his bicycle, training wheels and all. Aiden told Deputy Bloom that the bike had just “disappeared.”

Deputy Bloom made a few phone calls and Tommy Sauer of Sauer and Sons Construction said they wanted to help. Both Deputy Bloom and Mr. Sauer, who is also an Ocala firefighter/paramedic, arranged a special day for Aiden and his family.

Thursday, Deputy Bloom picked up the family from their home and brought them to Ocala Fire Station 2, where they met Mr. Sauer for a tour of the fire station. Deputy Bloom and Mr. Sauer then surprised Aiden with a brand-new bicycle, complete with a bicycle lock.

“Unfortunately, last week (Aiden) learned that there are a few bad people in this world,” said Deputy Bloom. “But this week, he also learned there are a lot more good people out there.”

Good on you, Tommy. Great to see you looking great, and doing some good, too.