Hector Lombard’s manager took to the media yesterday to describe how shocked he was that his charge failed post-fight drug tests last month.

Granted, he may have been the only one. Recent improvements in drug testing protocol — namely, the out-of-competition random testing — have seen star MMA fighters failing left and right. Those out-of-competition drug tests have seen a failure rate of over 30%.

Narcis Mujkic of I Love MMA Management told MMA Junkie that he was “really, really surprised” about the test results, which saw the middleweight test positive for designer steroid desoxymethyltestosterone after UFC 182 on January 3.

That night, Lombard (pictured above, to the left), who is perhaps not-coincidentally sponsored by an anti-aging clinic, defeated Josh Burkman (pictured above, to the right) by unanimous decision.

Majkic even described how Lombard passed tests for PED use done at the facility,¬†4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions, “one or two weeks before.”

That sounded an awful lot like as admission of wrongdoing — that the tests were done to ensure Lombard was cycled off steroids. Why else would they conduct PED tests for their fighter? But Majkic didn’t clarify.

Astute MMA fans may recall Lombard’s fellow UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy tweeting that Lombard’s choice of sponsors seemed awfully odd:

Then again, why bother paying attention at this point?

If you’re an MMA fan, and you’re paying attention, you’re probably going to end up ashamed.