If you’re an American, today’s the day you celebrate the survival of some early invaders via a big meal of turkey, stuffing, football, booze and arguing with relatives you can’t stand. That right, I’m talking about Thanksgiving! Hooray! So let’s give thanks for not being killed off by famine, disease or raids by unfriendly factions of Native Americans this year – and what better way to show our appreciation to the Fates by taking in a sweet 13-second KO.

The details on this fight are sketchy: We know it was a small local show in Bumblefuck somewhere, and we know the competitors are still a ways off from making it into the UFC (like, maybe they’d make an appearance on a Fight Pass card, but no pay-per-views just yet). We also know that the victor used some sort of flying video game-esque technique to put his opponent down. Other than that, well, your guess is as good as mine.

So watch, enjoy, and have a good Thanksgiving.

Now get off my land.