Greg Hardy likes to beat his women. Rachel Ostovich was beaten up by her man. Both are UFC fighters, and guess what? It appears both are going to be on the UFC on ESPN+1 card.

If you’ll recall, Hardy’s appearance on the Tuesday Night Contender Series drew a lot of ire from fans because, well, Hardy has a bit of moral baggage he carries around with him. You know, the whole domestic violence thing.

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Ostovich, meanwhile, just had her orbital bone broken courtesy of her husband, but is overcoming that domestic violence trauma to be able to face Paige VanZant.

And the UFC has put both an abuser and a victim on the same card.

Some argue that this is kind of tone deaf on the UFC’s part.

Sure, maybe it is. But it’s not like Ostovich is going to be in danger of Hardy attacker her, is she?

What do you think? Is this much ado over nothing? Or definite weak sauce by the UFC?