Admit it, you sometimes pretend to read the New York Times to impress your friends with your “intellect” and “awareness of current events”. Well, here’s a legitimate reason to check out a piece they did: they profiled ESPN anchor Stuart Scott and went in-depth on his ongoing battle with cancer. How is this relevant to your interests? It’s relevant because Scott trains in MMA to maintain his health.

Thin but muscular, Scott uses mixed martial arts and high-intensity cross-training workouts to restore the energy that chemotherapy saps from him.

Dressed all in black for a recent workout, he popped in a mouthpiece inscribed with the initials of his daughters, Sydni, 14, and Taelor, 19, and then walked onto the blue and gray padded floor to face Darin Reisler, the sculptured owner of the gym. For 90 minutes, they battled and sparred.

Despite his weakened condition, Scott is skillful, quick and graceful. His breathing grew labored as the workout progressed, but he was happy to be back. He needs the physical contact, he said, the jolt of competitiveness.

“Jab! Cross! Hook! Jab!” Reisler shouted. Scott’s punches shot out in quick combinations that smacked off Reisler’s hand pads, echoing in the nearly empty gym.

The kicks came next — three in rapid succession. Then Scott leapt and delivered a flying kick at Reisler. “You kick like an ox,” he told Scott.

Scott and Reisler moved on to chokeholds and arm bars — sometimes both stopped to explain their submissions as if teaching a class — and wrapped up by fighting in a steel cage.

By all means, check out the rest of the article. It’s well worth the read. And maybe it will inspire. I mean, the dude trains hard and he’s got cancer. Meanwhile, what do you do?