Bleacher Report just ran a longform piece on the War Machine/Christy Mack saga, and it’s damn good reporting.

If you’ll recall, War Machine (a.k.a., Jon Koppenhaver) went from UFC fighter to porn star to Bellator fighter to psychopath who beats his porn star ex-girlfriend nearly to death. Homeboy is in jail now, and will likely be there for a long, long time, but the story of what went down between him and Mack on that night he went crazy is gripping stuff.

Koppenhaver allegedly walked into Mack’s bedroom, turned on the lights and spotted Mack and Thomas in bed together. He allegedly started screaming, jumped on Thomas and, according to Thomas, “started wailing in my face.”

Thomas said that Koppenhaver put him in two chokeholds as they struggled in the bedroom and bathroom.

“I was looking up at the ceiling…thinking to myself, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m going to die in Christy’s bathroom,’” Thomas testified.

Thomas broke free, but Koppenhaver allegedly got him in a third chokehold and started asking him questions.

“‘Who are you? What are you doing here? This is my girl,’” Thomas testified that Koppenhaver said during the alleged attack.

Then he said Koppenhaver started talking to Mack.

“He was saying, ‘Tell him you love me. Tell him you asked me to marry you,’ and she did,” Thomas testified.

“She said, ‘Yes, you’re right. I asked you to marry me. You’re right. I told you I love you today,’” Thomas testified he heard Mack say.

Thomas described Mack’s demeanor: “My face was covered in dripping blood all over the side of the bed, so I could look up and see a little bit of her,” Thomas testified. “I’ve never heard her voice that way before. She was scared, very scared to death.”

Give the piece a read. And then seethe at what this ass-clown did to another human being. War Machine is in jail, and that’s right where he belongs.