Good grief. Another MMA fighter has made the news for all the wrong reasons.

Yesterday, there was a shooter in Chattanooga, T.N. who went on a rampage, killing four U.S. Marines before being killed himself. And of course, when the mainstream media delved into his past they discovered that he was an amateur MMA fighter. Of course.

Here’s TIME with the details:

– Muscular and over six feet tall, [Mohammed] Abdulazeez wrestled during his last two years of high school. His wrestling coach, Kevin Emily, told the LA Times that he was popular, humble and had many friends. “He always did what I asked him to do; he never gave me any problems,” said Emily, “All the guys seemed to like him. He was not an outsider.”

– Abdulazeez was also an amateur mixed martial arts fighter. Chet Blalock, owner of Blalock International Mixed Martial Arts Academy, told the Times that some of his students trained with Abdulazeez. “He was a tough guy, he wouldn’t tap out; he elected to pass out,” said Blalock. A clip online shows Abdulazeez defeating Timmy Hall in a 2009 fight.

Here’s a video purportedly showing Abdulazees in the cage:

It’s probably safe to say that Abdulazeez’s political bent and criminal actions had little to do with MMA, but that’s what the media is focusing on.