If you saw the first fight between Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw, you know both fighters kicked some serious ass in the cage that night. Garbrandt has Dillashaw in trouble at one point, Dillashaw had Garbrandt in trouble, and the whole thing ended with Dillashaw catching Garbrandt with a bolt of lightning in his fist that knocked him out.

It was a technical fight, it was an extremely fast fight (meaning, they zoomed around the cage like Tasmanian Devils), and if I were a coach tasked with the job of advising Garbrandt on what not to do to have a repeat in Saturday night’s UFC 227 rematch, I’d probably say something useless like, “Uh, keep doing what you did, just don’t get knocked out.”

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Thankfully, I am not anyone’s coach. I’m also not an on-camera analyst working for the UFC, whose job it is to break down the first Dillashaw/Garbrandt bout and opine on what needs to happen in the rematch.

That’s UK commenting team Dan Hardy and John Gooden’s job!