In their years of existence, GLORY World Series has quietly become many a fan’s favorite fight promotion.

The kickboxing event, which is based in Holland but holds shows worldwide, has bell-to-bell action which is second to none. They essentially re-introduced much of the world to kickboxing, featuring most of the world’s best talent.

But unfortunately, one of those great fighters is on the outs with GLORY, and he broke his silence today with a searing indictment of the promotion — first published at Kickboxing Planet.

Saki, who won the GLORY light heavyweight title last April after wins over Tyrone Spong and Nathan Corbett, was recently stripped of his title for not fighting within a year. At work, according to Saki, is a contract dispute.

Saki went on to boast of his popularity, and essentially described the fighters who are rumored to be fighting for the GLORY title at Bellator’s Dynamite event in September as “nobodies.”

“Look at my fans worldwide, my social media (twitter, facebook, instagram), I have about half a million followers in total!” Saki boasted. “I fill arenas with my fans, because of me they sell ticket after ticket and get more views!! I am one of the most populair kickboxers out there. Look at the fighters which Glory is bringing to the USA for the belt, Cavalari, Mwekassa and Ilunga, these 3 guys COMBINED don’t even have 20 thousand followers in subtotal.”

According to Saki, fans are “not going to see top quality kickboxing and this is bad for the sport.”

“When you win the belt on Sept. 19,” he wrote, “You can keep the price money but I expect the winner to hand the belt over to me and acknowledge that he didn’t beat the best. I mostly don’t talk like this and maybe there are a lot of emotions right now. But now that I offended anyone, I did that on purpose and I’m not sorry about it.”

US kickboxing reporter Dave Walsh described the statement as disappointing.

“This statement is… not a good look for a fighter in the public eye,” Walsh said in a report at his site, Liver Kick. “Chances are if there was an open dialogue between GLORY and Saki’s camp that dialogue has most likely been shut down.”