Kickboxing promotion GLORY had its weigh-in event today for GLORY 21 event in San Diego, with the headliner, a middleweight title bout between Artem “The Lion” Levin and Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus, ready to go.

GLORY champion Levin, of Russia but recently training out of San Diego, was 185.8 lbs., while challenger Marcus, of Canada but of Jamaican extraction, was 184.6 lbs.

The two, both 28 years old, are widely regarded as among the top five kickboxers in the world. Marcus won a contender’s tournament to earn the title shot back just last month at GLORY 20 in Dubai.

The bout tomorrow will be the second meeting between Levin and Marcus. In 2013, they fought under full Muay Thai rules at Lion Fight, with Marcus winning a unanimous decision. But traditional Thai clinch-work, which will be illegal in tomorrow’s fight, was key to that outcome.

Marcus’ record is listed at 42-2-1 by GLORY; Levin at 54-6-1.

The event will also feature a heavyweight contenders tournament, and will be televised on SPIKE TV 11 pm ET/PT, 10 pm Central.

Full results:

Main Event: Artem Levin (185.8 lbs) vs. Simon Marcus (184.6 lbs) for GLORY Middleweight Title

Co-Main Event: Raymond Daniels (169.4 lbs) vs. Justin Baesman (169.4 lbs)

Heavyweight Contenders Tournament:

Xavier Vigney (252.8 lbs) vs. Maurice Jackson (273.4 lbs)

Demoreo Dennis (248.4 lbs) vs. Chi Lewis-Parry (248.6 lbs)