for some reason, France still won’t lift its ban on mixed martial arts. Keep in mind that this is from the country that brought us the guillotine (the actual decapitating device, not the choke) and the Maginot Line, so sure, our expectations should be low, but come on, it’s 2016. Even New York has legalized the sport!

Here’s MMAJunkie with some insight:

The adversarial relationship between the sport and its participants has led many French fighters to train in America. Perhaps the country’s most famous MMA export, Bellator heavyweight Cheick Kongo, is now based in Southern California. In a previous interview with MMAjunkie, Paris native Kongo pined for a chance to fight for a title in his native country.

“People think … it’s a messy sport just for bullies, or people (who fight) with no skills,” he said. “We’ve got no respect, no control, no anything. No rules. And they keep the old UFC in mind.”

“When we have the time to share a good discussion about the subject, they will learn and realize that we’re just different.”