Seems like retirement fever is running rampant, with former champ Johny Hendricks calling it quits.

Hendricks was the UFC’s welterweight champ for a brief spell, earning the belt after defeating Robbie Lawler via decision. He lost the title in their rematch, and ended up losing five out of his next seven fights.

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He also had crazy trouble making the welterweight cutoff, and ended up having to fight at middleweight.

As per MMAJunkie:

“I’m done. I’m retiring. I’m getting out of the MMA world,” Hendricks told MMAjunkie Radio. “I’ve been thinking about this long and hard for a while. I’m going to get back to my roots. I’m going to start coaching at All Saints (Episcopal School in Fort Worth, Texas). I coached a little bit of high school last year, but I’m going to make the move over to All Saints and start doing those things.”

Hendricks said being away from training for a fight the past seven months helped lead to his decision.

“One of the things that’s nice is being home the last seven months, spending time with the kids, not worrying about what I needed to do,” Hendricks said. “I looked at my wife and said, ‘Do we really want to do this. I know I’m the one who has to do it, but do we want to do it? Do we want to go through the grind that I used to do, be gone for long periods of time, put my family second, do those kids of things?’ Right now, I can’t really say that.

“I made this decision two weeks ago, but I prayed about it and wanted to make sure I was going to be OK with it.”