You wanted equality — here it is. I kid. The same promotion that recently suffered its first athlete death with Leandrao Feijao at Shooto 43, is now setting a last minute bout between a man and a women. The bout will be a bantamweight showdown between Juliana Velasquez (0-0) vs. Emerson Falcao (0-1).

“Andre Pederneiras came up with the idea,” Velasquez told “He asked Team Nogueira for a female fighter and my team believes I’m ready, so I accepted the challenge. My expectations are the best. I’m well trained to get there and win.

“I’m used to training with man every day. I’m a professional judoka and I know the adrenaline of the competition, I know how to handle this.”

Shooto Brazil 45 will take place this Friday (Dec. 20) with a headline rematch bout between Alexandre Pantoja and Lincoln de Sa. Pantoja.

UPDATE: Falcao has announces that he’s injured. Limping to the weigh-in’s the male fighter makes these remarks on the match-up:

“I was hired to fight, and I’m going there to fight. My job is to train and fight. This is the first of the many man vs. woman fights that will come in the future. You’ll see. This is going to be huge. We’re here to shock the world.”

With all the hoopla going on, it’s hard to believe that the bout was truly ever really set. Here’s what Osiris Maia, member of the Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Confederation had to say on the situation.

“We can’t do something like that. (The promoter) can ask everything, even a MMA fight with three guys against one, but we obviously won’t allow it. This ‘fight’ has a social representation that is more important for the society than to the sport. There’s no way a man should fight a woman. This is being done only to show the society the importance of ‘Lei Maria da Penha.’ You can’t have a man beating a woman in a sport, so it shouldn’t happen anywhere. That’s what they want to show.”