Sad news out of Ireland. According to some information trickling out of Facebook, a fighter named Joao Carvalho has died after suffering a TKO loss in a bout in Dublin.

Here’s the Facebook post from his team, which is (loosely) translated from Portuguese:

Death note
The Nobrega team this way comes to confirm the passing of your athlete joao carvalho, which occurred last night in the hospital Beaumont, in Dublin, for 21:35 hours. It is with great sorrow and sadness that we write these words, that the death of the athlete joão carvalho happened after 48 hours in critical condition.

During the event-Tef MMA, which took place on Saturday, at the National Boxing Stadium in Dublin, where they were complied with all the safety rules, and after a fight where the arbitration followed all the correct procedures and regulars, the athlete john “Mutt” Oak Did you feel bad, about 20 minutes after the end of the fight.

Still on the site was immediately assisted by the medical team this, and then quickly transported to the hospital Beaumont, where she was subjected to a brain surgical intervention, after which the athlete remained in critical condition during the 48 hours following, eventually passed away on this Monday the 21:35 hours.

Despite the continued monitoring doctor who was part of the organisation of the event and the hospital, the Irish who we appreciate all the support in these difficult times, and although they are known the risks of this sport, the passing of John Carvalho in my professional point of view was A great deal of misery, which makes it deeply saddened and dismayed, both your family, as the whole team nóbrega team, who always accompanied the joão carvalho throughout his career, in which he was highlighting the national and international level.

It is with great regret that we offer our heartfelt condolences to the families and the whole team nobrega team.

Vitor Nóbrega

MMA is a rough sport, but it is always tragic when we lose a fighter.