Brazil can be a rough place to live, even if you’re a trained MMA fighter.

Luiz de Franca, a fighter out of the Nova Uniao in Natal, Brazil, was shot and killed in his gym on Monday morning. Here’s MMAFighting‘s Guilherme Cruz with the news:

According to reports, the main suspect in the murder is a police lieutenant who used to train at the Alta Performance gym, but he was excluded 15 days ago because “he was too violent.” The local police told G1 that the crime was caught on tape, but they have yet to detail if it was actually a cop that killed the 25-year-old MMA fighter.

Police colonel Lenildo Sena, who is investigating the crime, told G1 that the suspect has suffered from depression in the past, but hasn’t showed signs of psychological problems recently.

De Franca reportedly trained under MMA legend Wanderlei Silva while in Las Vegas, N.V. The “Axe Murderer” posted the following on his Instagram (note: translated from Portuguese via Google Translate):

How sad, Luis Franca who trained with us in Las Vegas for nearly 1 year was brutally murdered this morning monday in Natal, was only 25 and was not involved in trouble, it was a good boy, here goes my sincere condolences to + his family and a demand for justice authorities there Christmas! Peco guys to my friends 1 min prayer for this family must be suffering right now! Revolting this violence, even when my God, that our government will not do anything? Till when? + We need police and gain better and have better working condition! Money there because we have one of the highest tax burdens in the world, remains Pr knowing where that money has gone because Pr improve our living condition is that it is not, safety, school and health this all insecure in our Brazil, and still want to reelected! Enough! Let’s change all that!

Wanderlei Silva Instagram