Between War Machine acting like a total ass-clown, Jason “Mayhem” Miller getting into standoffs with the police, and every other fighter failing surprise drug tests, the sport of MMA can often be a real downer. But it’s not all bad. Take, for instance, this video of a fight that happened in M-1 back in 2011.

In it, one fighter – clearly the superior grappler – catches his opponent in a triangle choke and promptly puts him to sleep. When the referee stops it, does the winner scurry out from underneath and stomp around in victory? Does he step on his foe’s neck a la Renzo Gracie vs. Ben Spijkers? Nope. He gingerly helps get his opponent’s mouthpiece out, helps him up, and guides him to his corner.

There’s even hugs galore – which begs the question: Why the hell aren’t all fighters this nice?