Brazilian submission dude Fabricio Werdum has been the UFC’s “go to” heavyweight of late, hopping on cards all over the world to give people a reason to tune in. But alas, a run in with USADA will likely have Werdum on ice – possibly for about 80 years if USADA conducts any sort of investigation into tainted supplements or whatever.

Anyhoo, Werdum took to social media to address the failed test. He doesn’t really say mea culpa, he just says his team is working on resolving things.

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(Hopefully, it’s not the same people who advised Jon Jones to go before the athletic commission with nothing but a shrug as his defense.)

Fala galera Fui pego de surpresa com a notícia de que um dos exames colhidos pela USADA em abril deu positivo para uma substância proibida. Me coloquei à disposição da USADA e do UFC e estou trabalhando com a minha equipe para entender o que aconteceu. Eu sempre fui muito cuidadoso com tudo o que eu tomo e sempre apoiei o esporte limpo. Vocês podem ter certeza de que vamos esclarecer esse mal entendido e espero em breve poder voltar a fazer o que eu amo, que é lutar. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Hey guys, I got up this morning to the news that one of my urine samples from April tested positive for a prohibited substance. I am working with my team, the UFC and USADA to understand what happened. I’ve always been careful with everything I take and I’ve always supported a clean sport. We will work hard to solve this misunderstanding and I hope soon to be able to go back to the octagon and do what I love

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