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Former champ Fabricio Werdum came up short against Alexander Volkov at UFC Fight Night 127, and he blames his loss via knockout on a complete lack of consciousness.

Ha. No.

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Really, he blames it on lack of patience and breathing, or something lack that. But at the end of the day, he got KO’d and that usually stems from, you know, the brain shutting off. Which can be a result of someone punching you hard in the dome.

Here’s MMAFighting:

”Not taking anything away from Volkov, he fought and and defended well on the ground, but I think that patience was my worst enemy in this fight,” Werdum told MMA Fighting. “If I had more patience, I think the fight would have been different. I came back up trading punches with him right away, and I don’t think that was necessary. Breathe a little more. But that’s easy to say after the fight, but in there I’m the one that is feeling it.

”I imposed my rhythm for three rounds, and I think I won the first three rounds, but I needed to breathe more,” he continued. “Like when you’re playing on PlayStation and your energy goes down and then goes back up again. I got back up and my energy was too low to trade punches like that. Again, not taking anything away from Volkov.”

Brazilians. So good at excuses. So good.