The good news is that Douglas Lima, former Bellator welterweight champ, beat Andrey Koreshkov at Bellator 206 last night, advancing in the welterweight tournament.

The bad news is that it was a total crapfest.

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Look, maybe it was the heightened stakes of the bout. After all, rapper 50 Cent has promised a million bucks to the tournament winner, and it’s possible Lima really, really, really needs that money. Or maybe both men were just afraid of losing. But this was the third fight between the Brazilian and Russian, and though Lima won the first two, he seemed content to circle and throw out kicks.

For four and a half boring rounds.

Thankfully, Koreshkov shot for a weak takedown in the fifth, and Lima stuffed it, took his back, and put him to sleep with a choke. Otherwise, they’d probably still be in that cage right now.