Official UFC daredevil Donald Cerrone is supposed to face Mike Perry in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 139 on November 10.

Now, when a fighter has a fight seven weeks away, it’s assumed that they’re training hard, fine tuning their skills and close to tip-top shape. But alas, that may not be the case with ol’ “Cowboy”.

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Take a gander at his Instragram post below:


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So. I’m no doctor, but it looks like… there may be something wrong with his arm. Maybe? And maybe his eye, too? Again, my medical knowledge is rudimentary at best, so it could be nothing.

It could be that Cerrone was just cold, so he wrapped his arm up in a bandage to keep it warm.

He’s tight-lipped about whatever happened. However, though it’s still possible that this – whatever this is – won’t keep Cerrone from the cage in November, you have to wonder if this means we’re not going to get the best version of Cowboy possible.