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Dominick Reyes entered the UFC undefeated, and in two appearances, has remained undefeated. Which is an okay feat, given that he hasn’t really faced anyone tough yet.

Jarod Cannonier has fought lots of dudes in the Octagon, and lost to some and beaten others. The common denominator with these men? They’re likely to slug it out.

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And slug they do once the referee gives them the signal. For Reyes, that includes a knee, which he follows soon after with a takedown attempt; for Cannonier, that just a bunch of punches, none of which seem to land clean enough to put his foe away. Then comes Reyes uppercut, which Cannonier eats hard, and the follow-up uppercut soon after, and Cannonier is pretty much senseless. That’s it.


Results: Dominick Reyes def. Jarod Cannonier via TKO (Punches)