You know what tough is? Tough is getting your face busted up in a domestic violence incident, but still keeping your commitment to fight in the UFC in a few months.

Tough is what Rachel Ostovich is, because guess what? She wanted – and got – medical clearance for her orbital bone injury and will still take on Paige VanZant at UFC on ESPN+1 in January. Never mind the physical damage, though. Because having to deal with this kind of drama (which is a heck of a lot since it was her husband who allegedly did this to her) makes for one heck of a lot of emotional hurt to surmount.

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Respect to Ostovich for sallying forth.

Here’s ESPN:

Ostovich’s manager, Brian Butler-Au, told ESPN on Tuesday that Ostovich sought a second opinion on her injuries this week and has been cleared to remain in the fight.

“She never really wanted to be off of this fight,” Butler-Au said. “When everything happened, it was very emotional. The injuries were significant enough that, combined with the emotions of everything that was going down, we made a decision to pull out of the fight.

“Now that things are settling out and the swelling of the injury is going down, Rachael got a second opinion and everything will work out to where she can keep this fight.”

UFC president Dana White also confirmed to ESPN that the 125-pound fight is back on.