Darren Till earned his main event slot UFC Fight Night 130 by stopping Donald Cerrone brutally and violently, and also by being from Liverpool, England, which is where the UFC wanted to hold a show.

So Till got to face Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, a top-ranked welterweight. And when it came time to make weight, well, let’s just say Till failed.

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But the show must go on, with Thompson more than eager to put his karate-based striking skills to work against the stand-up skills of Till. And here we are.

Apparently, Till went back and watched tape on Wonderboy, and studied all of his katas. Because after taking the center of the cage, Till stands just out of range, his arms up to block anything coming towards his head, and his legs flicking out in kicks. Yes, this is a mirror image of Thompson and how he fights, and though neither man really makes a mark on the other, it’s Wonderboy whose kicks land to the body with slightly more effectiveness.

Pretty much the same thing happens in Round 2… and Round 3… and Round 4. As the rounds wear on, Wonderboy charges every now and then, and sometimes ties up to throw short punches, or gets pushed away. To his credit, Till cuts off the cage and traps his foe against the fence over and over again, but Wonderboy expertly slips out of trouble once the punches start flying.

Only in Round 5 does something dramatic happen, with Till clipping his opponent with a hook and Wonderboy falling to the canvas. The American recovers quickly though, and briefly gets a takedown, but when time expires, you can’t argue that Till took that round at least.

Then comes the judges’ decision, and they unanimously have it for Till – a total robbery.

Results: Darren Till def. Stephen Thompson via Unanimous Decision