On Saturday, Liverpool native Darren Till stepped onto the scale for his main event welterweight bout against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, and failed to make the 170-pound cutoff by nearly five pounds.

Then he went on to defeat Wonderboy via a confounding decision that seemed more home-cooked meal than fair and balanced assessment of effective striking and grappling. Sure, the Brit knocked Wonderboy down in the fifth round of their measured battle, but in the four previous rounds, the only thing Till did better was cut off the cage. That was it.

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Thompson said it best to MMAFighting:

“I thought I had four of the rounds,” Thompson said. “Could be controversial, three maybe? I don’t know. I felt like I would hit and move. The only really good shot he had was that one shot in the fifth round, but other than that it was pretty close. I felt comfortable out there. I realized how big he was so I knew I had to stay on my bike and keep moving.”

“I knew it was going to be a close fight, but I thought I had edged it out,” he continued. “He’s a big boy, he’s hard to move around. Didn’t move anywhere, came forward, tough guy.”

So. Till got the decision. Which was crap. But you know what else was crap? That someone who missed weight still got to fight, and still managed to win. That’s just unfair. What the heck does the sport have weight classes for if no one is going to follow them?

Here’s former champ Chris Weidman, who’s trained with Wonderboy so much they’re practically brothers.

I understand that sometimes fights must go on – the UFC’s first trip to Liverpool would’ve sucked if the hometown hero wouldn’t have been able to fight. But come on.

Don’t give Till any credit for this win. The decision was crap, and he didn’t even make weight for the bout.