Darren Elkins has seemingly perfected the art of taking hella damage, but surviving and somehow finding the win.

Alexander Volkanovski is an Aussie kickboxer who’s fought in the UFC four times – essentially, whenever the UFC goes to Australia or New Zealand – and he hasn’t lost yet.

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As usual, when the fight begins Elkins wastes no time absorbing punishment, with Volkanovski dropping him not once but twice in the first round. In both instances, Elkins is struggling to stay alive. He miraculously makes it to the bell.

The American doesn’t get knocked down in the second, so that’s a plus. However, he can’t seem to stop eating right hands, and in no times he’s bloody and stumbling. Elkins does land a few kicks to the body, and touches his foe’s face once or twice, but he’s getting mugged.

Round 3 is no different, and when the final bell sounds, you have to wonder if Elkins is giving himself brain damage in these fights.


Results: Alexander Volkanovski def. Darren Elkins via Unanimous Decision