Remaining undefeated in MMA is practically unheard of. It’s just the nature of the sport that something can happen and someone will lose.

But lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov has never tasted defeat in all 26 of his career fights, and American Kickboxing Academy teammate Daniel Cormier (who just happens to be the light-heavyweight champ) believes the Dagestani will retire undefeated.

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I don’t know how much of this is Cormier hyping his buddy – and they are certainly buddies with they way they joke around on Embedded vids. But given Nurmagomedov’s accomplishments thus far, maybe it’s worth believing…?

Here’s MMAFighting:

“He’ll be the only guy that never loses,” Cormier said Tuesday while on a media tour to promote The Ultimate Fighter 27. “He’s not going to lose, man. They won’t know how to deal with him. He’s going to be the only guy that goes through this whole thing without losing. Because I’m not sure he’s going to be here that long. But while he’s here, nobody’s going to beat him.”

The list of fighters who can’t beat Nurmagomedov includes former lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor, in Cormier’s opinion.

Cormier concedes McGregor’s controversial UFC 223 media day attack on a van in which Nurmagomedov was sitting will help turn their potential bout into a giant moneymaker, but it won’t be a fight which ends well for the Irishman.

“He’ll fight Conor McGregor,” the UFC light heavyweight champion said. “It’s going to happen. I think because of the finances, it will be the most viable fight for [McGregor]. He created more interest in that fight with that crazy action that he did. He’s going to get taken down and smashed.”