Poor Alexander Gustafsson. In his struggle to remain relevant in a division where he’s always been the number two- or number three-ranked guy, he’s been challenging anyone and everyone, calling out any fighter who a victory over might give him some shine.

I mean, you can’t fault Gustafsson for trying. He’s just trying to find work and get paid.

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Unfortunately, one person has taken umbrage at Gustafsson’s efforts. And that person owns both the light-heavyweight and heavyweight belts.

So here’s Daniel Cormier taking a big crap on the Swede’s title hopes.

Dear Alex, I don’t know what happened to you going back to the Rockhold situation. You have always been a stand up guy but your behavior changed. From calling a guy out the day after he got knocked out, to now offering to fight me knowing I have a broken hand, after Volkan couldn’t go. Now you’ve turned down Jan, turned down Khalil all while calling for a heavyweight title fight. Now, moments after Anthony Smith does his work like an animal you decide you’re hurt. Man, I respect you as a fighter. I will always be grateful for October 2015, but you and I won’t share the octagon again. I am disappointed in who you’ve become. You are so entitled, man, I can’t deal with delusional people. Good luck recovering. Our time has passed. See you from the commentary table. DC @alexthemauler #wegoourseparateways

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