Trash-talking lightweight wrestler Kevin Lee and Brazilian face-kicker Edson Barboza are set to clash in the main event of UFC Fight Night 128 this weekend, with the winner likely taking one step closer to becoming a legitimate contender for the belt and the loser easing comfortably into “gatekeeper” status.

Since he’s making all the media rounds to hype TUF 27 and his upcoming superfight against heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic, light-heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier is in the hot seat for a break down of Lee versus Barboza. And sure, it’s obvious what’s going to happen in this fight: Lee is going to try to stymie Barboza’s striking with aggressive hugging, while Barboza is going to try to kick and knee Lee’s head off. But there are nuances! I promise!

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So here’s Cormier, touching upon those nuances a little bit.