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It seems like just yesterday that Irish hooligan Conor McGregor was going nuts in Brookyln, smashing the windows of a van, and exiting the 78th Precinct as a guest of the New York City Police Department. Ah, we were so innocent then…

But alas, McGregor has long since been out on bail, and though he’s got a court date set, the smart money is on the UFC superstar never seeing the inside of a jail cell for his crimes. Which is whatever. It’s Conor – what do you expect?

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However, there’s also the matter of the UFC themselves punishing McGregor for his sins. I mean, he did knock three fights off the UFC 223 card. So, are they going to suspend him? Fine him? Make him drink Xyience?

According the UFC boss Dana White, it’s all about the wait-and-see, as in, they’re going to wait and see what punishment New York State levies upon McGregor before they do anything.

Take it away, TMZ!