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Dana White was supposed to meet with former UFC champ Conor McGregor in the UK this weekend, but for whatever reason – McGregor didn’t want to violate the conditions of his bail and get caught partying? His ankle monitor was on the fritz? There were no transport vans to assault? – the meeting didn’t happen.

Instead, White is going to meet with the Irish superstar in Las Vegas. The topic: McGregor fighting current lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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Look, by attacking the bus Nurmagomedov was sitting in during UFC 221 fight week, McGregor made a compelling match-up on paper into MUST-SEE TV. You know this, I know this, White and McGregor and Khabib know this – the entire world knows this. There is now money to be made in the fight, so it will happen.

White agrees. As per MMAFighting:

“Conor and I are going to meet in Vegas,” White said Sunday at the UFC Liverpool post-fight press conference. “… He and I haven’t seen each since New York. So we haven’t seen each other, we haven’t talked, nothing, so we need to get together soon.”

And according to White, as long as McGregor is able to clear up his legal trouble, a Nurmagomedov vs. McGregor pairing could very well be in the cards for 2018.

“I’m pretty confident that that is the fight that Conor wants, and I’m pretty confident that that is the fight that Khabib wants,” White said. “So, yeah, I could see that happening.”