Despite everyone in the world salivating over the notion of the two meeting in the cage, Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg never fought each other.

And of course, given Rousey’s comparatively diminutive size, and inability to strike worth a damn, this is probably a good thing. Cyborg – now the featherweight champ – would have slaughtered her worse than Holly Holm or Amanda Nunes ever did.

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But Rousey is done with MMA, and has since found the perfect outlet for her skills and charisma in the world of pro wrestling. So why not have Cyborg clash with Rousey there?

Some WWE legend thinks that’s a good idea. As per TMZ Sports:

It never happened in the UFC … but Ronda Rousey vs. Cris Cyborg MIGHT go down in the WWE — with Mick Foley telling TMZ Sports he’s been lobbying Vince McMahon to sign the Brazilian star.

“I had a meeting with Mr. McMahon and I specifically told him keep your eyes on this Cyborg vs. Nunes fight,” Mick said.

“She’s gonna be larger than life and would make a great WWE superstar down the line.”

The Cyborg vs. Amanda Nunes fight isn’t official yet (they’re working on it) — but Foley thinks it will help propel Cyborg to a new level of fame.

Ronda has been killing it in WWE — ragdolling just about every woman who’s stepped in the ring against her. So, bringing in Cyborg could be the perfect move.

By the way, Foley’s a WWE Hall of Famer — so, he knows a little something about the business … gotta think Vince is taking his advice seriously.