Last year, the UFC gathered its fighters for the usual company retreat, and – as fighters are wont to do – some of them fought.

In particular, female featherweight champ Cris Cyborg stepped up to Angela Magana and roughed her up for talking smack about her on the Internet. As you do.

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That lead to some legal woes for Cyborg, which didn’t really stop her from fighting and traveling, but still, who wants to have to keep court dates on their calendar?

Anyway, apparently those legal issues have been resolved. As per MMAFighting:

The UFC women’s featherweight champion issued a submittal plea in Las Vegas Municipal Court after being cited for battery last year in an incident involving fellow fighter Angela Magaña, a court spokesperson confirmed with MMA Fighting. Cyborg paid a $398 fine and the case was recently dismissed.

On her website,, an article written states that Cyborg also completed an anger management course. A submittal plea in Nevada allows first-time offenders to have misdemeanor charges dismissed — it’s not an admission of guilt as much as an acceptance of the charge.

“The entire experience was a learning opportunity,” Cyborg told her website. “After the completion of my Anger Management class, I feel I have gained additional tools which will help me make better decisions on how to handle the negative effects of online bullying and harassment within the work place. I am glad to move forward from the experience and have already started to create a national anti bullying program which I hope will help others dealing with similar examples of online bullying to find positive outcomes while empowering them with the self confidence it requires to move past the experience.”

What’s odd about this is that Cyborg was actually punished for roughing up the female version of Coby Covington. You’d think she would’ve gotten a performance bonus.