Our favorite Irish window smasher, Conor McGregor, has a fight to sell, and since he specializes in building hype for fights, he’s busy doing his thing.

But McGregor’s impending UFC 229 match-up against lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov has taken a confusing turn on social media. You see, usually McGregor impugns an opponent’s abilities, or confidence, or place on the food chain, and this gets all parties – and especially fans – riled up. But with ol’ Khabib…

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I think McGregor is throwing shade at Khabib’s dad in that Instagram post. Which, okay, whatever. But then there’s this one:

What in the world is McGregor getting at? He’s obviously harping on the ethnic divide between the Chechens and Dagestanis, but… Is there a Chechen in Khabib’s crew? Is McGregor trying to drive a wedge between them?

Is this some sort of political statement?

Does McGregor want to become a Chechen warlord or something?

At this point, we can only sit back and watch as this unfolds, and pray that McGregor says something the rest of us can understand.