Our great national nightmare is over.

International combat sports superstar Conor McGregor, who was in hot water for attacking a bus prior to a UFC event in Brooklyn earlier this year, has accepted a plea deal. He has plead guilty to disorderly conduct, which is so far below a felony that the State of New York actually has to apologize to him for putting him through this trouble (not really). McGregor will have to do some form of community service, pay for the bus, and stay away from Ray Borg and Michael Chiesa (who were injured in the bus attack), but that’s it.

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No jail time. No probation. Ah, to be rich and famous…

Here’s MMAFighting:

The former featherweight and lightweight UFC champion agreed to a plea deal at a hearing at Kings County Courthouse in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday which saw all felony counts against the popular fighter dismissed. Per the terms of the plea deal, McGregor plead guilty to one count of disorderly conduct and will be forced to undergo five days of community service, 1-3 days of an anger management evaluation, and will be required to pay restitution for the damage he inflicted on a UFC fighter bus during UFC 223 fight week. Three orders of protections were also served against McGregor, including two by UFC fighters Ray Borg and Michael Chiesa. McGregor will not permitted near them until July 2020.

McGregor’s agreement to the plea deal will not affect McGregor’s travel visa, and means “The Notorious” will receive no jail time and will not have a criminal record.