Every hero needs a villain to elevate them, the dichotomy between the good and the evil accentuated by their differences.

The Batman had the Joker to make him great.

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Superman had Lex Luthor.

In MMA, Anderson Silva – the good, amiable family man with all the powers of a primitive god of war – had Chael Sonnen, who embraced the bad guy role and excelled in it.

Then there’s Colby Covington, the mediocre UFC welterweight who’s been struggling to assume the role of villain to anyone who will buy it. It’s clear Covington is trying to talk his way into a big-money fight, although against whom remains murky.

You see, Covington will talk trash to anyone in any weight class, which makes zero sense because there’s no paycheck at the end of those rainbows, only ill will. But he does it…

…And he does it poorly, at that.

When the UFC visited the Land Down Under, Covington’s mouth vomited up nonsense against heavyweight Fabricio Werdum. Why? Why waste words on a heavyweight who you’d never fight? For his efforts, Covington ate a boomerang to the face.

After watching Werdum get knocked out in yesterday’s UFC Fight Night 127, Covington posted this to social media:

Why do that? Why bother messing with a fighter three weight classes up?

Someone needs to tell Covington that this schtick doesn’t make people want to see him fight and lose in the Octagon.

It only makes us hope he dies in a car fire.

And folks, there is no paycheck to be had in dying in a car fire.