Colby Covington has been grinding away in the UFC since 2014, and with only one blemish on his record out of nine fights, he’s earned a modicum of glory. But somewhere along the way he decided that a bad imitation of Conor McGregor would put him away with the fans, and now we’re stuck with a mouthy douchebag who’s far more annoying than entertaining.

Rafael dos Anjos is the former lightweight champ who’s been finding success at welterweight, and this, folks, is the UFC 225 co-main event.

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From the outset, Covington is sprinting across the cage and applying insane amounts of pressure via kicks and punches that instantly become smother takedown attempts against the cage. And most of the takedown attempts aren’t even true efforts to get the fight to the ground, they’re just opportunities for Covington to duck under to his opponent’s back, and pressure the Brazilian until he wilts.

Dos Anjos does his best to extricate himself, make room and throw leather, and he does have some success in staying upright and scoring points. But Covington is just nonstop. The few times Covington does land a takedown, Dos Anjos battles his way back up, and in the fourth round Dos Anjos nails a takedown of his own.

Still, there’s no mystery as to who is imposing his gameplan on whom, and when the final horn sounds, we can only hope true champ Tyron Woodley shuts Covington up for good.

Results: Colby Covington def. Rafael dos Anjos via Unanimous Decision