Not to take anything away from TJ Dillashaw, but Cody Garbrandt could easily wind up wearing that bantamweight championship belt again.

Yes, Dillashaw was already the champ once before, and when he dethroned Garbrandt, it was via fast and furious knockout – which is a pretty definitive ending to any fight. But…

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…When Dillashaw and Garbrandt clashed at UFC 217, the really banged the hell out of each other. It could have just as easily been Garbrandt catching Dillashaw, and when they meet in the main event of UFC 227 on Saturday, that could totally happen.

Will it be a fun, fantastic fight? Heck yeah. Both men are truly the best the bantamweight division has to offer, plus Garbrandt has exceptional dancing skills. Could Dillashaw win again? Sure. Could Garbrandt win this time? Fo’ sheezy.

Here’s a sample of Garbrandt in action.