Famed Mohawk-wearer and longtime UFC superhero Chuck Liddell retired years ago because he couldn’t stop taking spontaneous naps on the floor of the Octagon. But he’s coming back! To rematch with rival Tito Ortiz! Because why not!

Of course, one person not exactly thrilled with Liddell’s “unretirement” is coach John Hackleman.

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If you’ll recall, Hackleman ran “The Pit”, which was essentially a place where “The Iceman” practice throwing wild overhand punches at dangling tires while teammates stood on the sidelines throwing wrenches at his head. Hackleman stands by whatever Liddell wants to do, but he ultimately wishes Liddell wouldn’t fight.

As per Hackleman’s appearance on “The MMA Hour“:

“I don’t like it, at all,” Hackleman explained Monday on The MMA Hour. “In fact, I don’t like any of my fighters to fight. I wish they were all just training at my gym and were having fun, and that’s what I started The Pit for back in 1985 and I never want anyone to fight. To me, it’s not fun, never has been.

“So, I don’t want him to fight anymore. But with that said, if he does [want to fight again] and he really has to do it in his heart, then I’m behind him 100 percent.”

“I’ll do whatever Chuck needs,” Hackleman said. “Whatever Chuck needs in his heart, if he wants me to come work with him for the fight, if he wants me to work his corner — if he wants me to do both, then I’ll do both.

“He knows exactly how I feel about him fighting,” Hackleman added. “And he knows I love him and I got his back, but he knows how I feel about it. So I’m not going to beat a dead horse and I’m not going to be that nagging little b*tch. So I’ll just — whatever he has to do, he’s going to do, and as someone that loves him as a family member, I’ll be there for him even if I don’t like it. Just like, you go to your kids’ [events] when they play their instruments in their concerts, you go; you go to all their stuff, their games; even if they’re sitting on the bench, you go, because you love your kids. I love Chuck and I’m going to do whatever I can to help him realize his full potential in his life.”