Former pro wrestling star CM Punk should have been preparing for his fight against Mike Jackson at UFC 225 this week, especially since his UFC debut back in 2016 was an utter disaster. But alas, Punk has been stuck in a courtroom, embroiled in a lawsuit that could’ve had him on the hook for big bucks.

However, today the judge ruled in Punk’s favor – thereby giving the failed Octagon experiment the only victory he’ll get this week.

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Here’s WrestleNewz with the info:

A verdict has been reached in the CM Punk trial after closing arguments were made today. The jury found in favor of Punk and Colt Cabana on all counts. Cabana apparently looked very relieved and Punk and his wife AJ Lee embraced tightly with tears in their eyes. Dr. Chris Amann is said to have been staring blankly off into space.

Lawsuits, man. What a pain.